The Bar Chord Capo Clip

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The Universal Bar Chord Capo Clip is diverse and powerful It is made to create the the two most common bar chords on guitar. Chords used in thousands of songs. It can be used anywhere on your guitar neck its multi hole plate allows endless chord possibilities including Major, Minor, 7ths Diminished and much more. Get creative and remove some of the fretters letting the open strings ring free come up with your own ideas it's easy!

And Snap! it can also form a E, A or A or E Minor chord at the first fret and any bar chord shape all the way up the neck. The higher up you go it turns your guitar into a bright, punchy soprano guitar almost like a mandolin. You will be amazed at how the instrument resonates in a whole new way and has an incredible new sound. Patent Pending


It pulls the string action down tight and makes it smooth and easy to play. You might be surprised to know it can be place at the first fret behind the nut to create E and A minor chords and many of the same chords associated with the E Capo Clip and any bar chord shape that can be.

Notice how the front fretters have O-ring spacers for balance and more fretting power.


Because the frets get smaller as you go up the neck you can easily adjust it by moving the fretters to the next set of holes making it possible to get the chord you want on any fret.

The following chords can be moved up the neck making each chord many chords by simply moving it up the neck, Notice how the capo is attached over the top of the neck for some chords and under the neck for other chords:

Popular Chord Combinations

E at the first fret capo clip partially behind the nut

A at the first fret capo clip partially behind the nut

Major 7th

Minor 7th

DADGAD like, a chord that emulates the infamous DADGAD tuning

Exotic Sound!

Jazzy sounding Dominant 7th 13 suspended by inverting metal frame
Minor Chord, 2nd position minor shape

Putting it on: after a few times you will be able to attach it on the fly but the first few times you put it on, Put your guitar on a table and look directly at the capo clip and position it so each string goes through its respective fretter. Strum the guitar slowly and if a string is not sounding out simpy move the capo closer towards the string that is not sounding out and it will apply more pressure to that string allowing the note to ring out. The front 3 fretters have O ring spacer to give them more fretting power. DO NOT PUT THESE IN THE REAR SLOTS OR IT WILL BE OFF BALANCE AND THE STRINGS WONT RING OUT CORRECTLY.

Guitars with very high action may require a strong capo like the Jim Dunlop trigger capo, We took the bar chord Capo Clip to Guitar Center in Manhattan and tried it on 20 different acoustic and electric guitars of all brands using the NS Tri-Action Capo and it worked on every guitar we tested.