G Capo Clip

G sometimes called the "people's key", is one of the most frequently used keys in classical and pop and country music. This is in part because of its relative ease of playing on both keyboard and guitar. The open middle section of the capo clip allows for easy access to notes close to and behind it making it easy to sound rich and three dimensional.

Designed to work on any guitar. Simply clamp them to the neck of the guitar with a spring clamp capo and play.

Get the open sound without having to learn new fingerings. For Singer songwriters, Irish, country, African, bluegrass, blues, classical composers and much more! The ability to easily play simple hooky melodies while the chord rings out behind It makes Capo Clips a essential tool for solo players or trios where you need a big guitar sound. Patent Pending

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How to videos. Show you EZ songs, chords and riffs to play whether you're a beginner or pro.

Popular Chord Combinations

The G Chord

The string configuration is as follows: G, B, D open, G open, B open, G.