"Mesmerizing! Beautifully mournful" - Guitar Player Magazine
Cute little clips that fit under a capo and create and alternate tuning sound without having to change your tuning.

About Capo Clips

We ship anywhere in the world! Works on all guitars, acoustic, electric, classical, banjos and more.

For any player from beginner to pro cool new sounds that don't need a 9 volt battery!

Simply clamp them to the neck of the guitar with most any spring clamp capo our our custom capo and the open strings sound like they are in alternate tuning but better than open tuning you have not had to re-tune your guitar and mess up the fingerings for what you already know. Now that you have them on play chords, riffs or scales above the capo just like you did with a normal capo but now you notice how rich the open strings sound. Let them bleed into your other chords to create a mesmerizing dramatic sound.

Re-position the rubber fretters and create different chord variations and cool new sounds.

Works with many common spring clamp capos like Kyser, D'addario, Dunlop capos.

Guitar Player Magazine
Guitar World Magazine

Easy tune fretters are good to use when you find a cool chord that you use allot, they make it easier to make minor adjustments to the tuning for more pro results.

If your new to guitar or more of a weekend noodler it may take you a little extra time to figure out how to attach them, but it is really very simply and anyone can.

Quickly get used to it! If your new to guitar or more of a weekend noodler it may take you a few times to get used to quickly putting them on, but I use 5 different clips in the coarse of a performance and I don't even think about it.

Great for slapping and tapping. Use them for any cover song as the home key and play the other chords to the song above them like you would a normal capo, but now when you are on the home chord your hands are free to slap and tap, and if you let the other chords bleed together with the open strings the song often sounds amazing. and as guitar player magazine says "memorizing".

Comes in colors so you can have a red D and a Black E and a yellow suspended, helps to keep them straight.